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In order to register as a member of www.petsguide.com.au, you must be at least 13 years old. By registering as a member you represent that:

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Posting Content:

You agree that you are solely responsible for the information, images and other material (Content) which you post or upload to this site (post) or transmit to another member using the www.petsguide.com.au Services.

Any Content that you post to this site must only relate to you and no other person and must not contain information which will allow others to identify you (except for photographs of yourself), such as your true name, address, phone number, email address, ICQ number, MSN Contact and URL.

If you post Content to this site or transmit Content to another member using the www.petsguide.com.au Services you agree that such Content will not:

  • be offensive in nature or regarded as offensive in nature to the wider community such as obscene or sexually explicit images, offensive language or material which expresses or incites racism, bigotry, hatred or vilification, whether in respect of any individual, group, nationality or otherwise;
  • threaten, harass or abuse, or incite others to threaten, harass or abuse, members or other persons;
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  • contravene any law or promote unlawful activities or otherwise provide information about unlawful activities;
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  • contain any virus or trojan horse or anything else which may cause any malfunction of or damage to this site, the Content of other members posted to this site or the software or equipment of www.petsguide.com.au or other members.

Removal of Content:

www.petsguide.com.au may remove from this site or hide from public view any Content posted which, in the absolute discretion of www.petsguide.com.au, is in breach of these Service Terms or may offend or breach the rights of other members or other persons or otherwise may hinder the efficient operation or use of the www.petsguide.com.au Services.

Member Communications:

You acknowledge that:

  • it is difficult to verify that persons with whom you communicate online are in fact who they claim to be and that such people have a genuine purpose in communicating with you; and
  • communications made through the internet may not be secure,

and you agree that you will use care in communicating with others using the www.petsguide.com.au Services, particularly in relation to information, images and other material which you may wish to disclose in your communications.

If you receive correspondence from another member through the www.petsguide.com.au Services, such correspondence should be treated as confidential and must not be disseminated or published without the prior consent of the person from whom the correspondence is received.

If another person who you have contacted using the www.petsguide.com.au Service requests that you cease communication with them you must respect their wishes and cease communication with them.

Proprietary Rights in Site:

The proprietary rights in this site and the information, images and material within it (other than Content posted by members) including the trademarks and business names of www.petsguide.com.au and the copyright in the design and layout of this site, is owned by www.petsguide.com.au. Except as expressly permitted by www.petsguide.com.au, you must not copy, modify, disseminate, publish or otherwise purport to own or dispose of any such proprietary rights.

Rights to use Content:

By posting Content to this site you represent and agree that:

  • you own that Content;
  • www.petsguide.com.au is irrevocably granted the right to use, copy, modify, incorporate in other works, disseminate and publish such Content for the purposes of the www.petsguide.com.au Services; and
  • each other member may use and copy such content for personal purposes only.


Your www.petsguide.com.au membership account should only be accessed by you. You should not provide your membership account or password details to others.

Disputes Between Members:

www.petsguide.com.au accepts no responsibility for mediating or resolving disputes between members.


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SMS Service Use:

The Premium SMS service for the number [service number] is provided to allow registered members of www.petsguide.com.au to perform the following functions:

1.       Subscribe to a monthly recurring 'Gold Membership' with www.petsguide.com.au via the subscription forms or via SMS with "GOLD " in the message.

2.       Confirmation SMS's are used to verify online form subscription requests, and will be sent to your mobile phone at no cost.

3.       Request content, such as wallpapers, ring tones and notification alerts via return SMS and/or WAP Push via the website.

4.       Unsubscribe / Cancel 'Gold Membership' with www.petsguide.com.au by replying to an SMS with the word 'STOP'.


SMS Service Functions:


The SMS Service allows a registered user of www.petsguide.com.au to begin a "Gold Member" subscription by sending a request via SMS from their mobile phone to [service number]. Upon receipt of a correctly formed subscription request via SMS, the sender's registered account on www.petsguide.com.au will be upgraded to "Gold Member" status. A successful subscription will be confirmed via a return SMS and will continue to be confirmed once per month until cancelled.


www.petsguide.com.au "Gold Members" are entitled to receiving content from the website to their mobile phone by sending correctly formed content requests via SMS at a cost of 25c (inc GST). The type of content available include (but not limited to) images, wallpapers, movies and ringtones, which will be provided via a return "WAP-Push" formed SMS.


SMS Service Costs:


-          www.petsguide.com.au "Gold Membership" will be charged at $6.00 (ex GST) per month to your mobile phone bill via a subscription confirmation SMS to your mobile phone monthly.

-          Mobile Content, Subscription and Notification requests from your mobile phone will be charged at 25c (inc GST) per SMS received by www.petsguide.com.au.

-          SMS messages to your mobile phone from non-subscription related requests (such as Mobile Content, Subscription and Notification requests) will be sent via WAP-Push and/or SMS at no cost.


No Warranties:

www.petsguide.com.au provides the www.petsguide.com.au services without any warranty that they will be error or interruption free or that they are fit for their intended purpose. To the extent permitted by law all warranties implied by law are excluded. Members use the www.petsguide.com.au Services at their own risk.

Limited Liability:

You agree that www.petsguide.com.au's entire liability to you in connection with any service provided by www.petsguide.com.au shall be limited to any fees that have been collected by www.petsguide.com.au.


You agree to release, defend, indemnify and hold harmless www.petsguide.com.au, and its contractors, agents, employees, offices, directors, shareholders and affiliates from and against any losses, damages or costs, including reasonable attorney's fees, resulting from any claim, action, proceeding, suit or demand arising out of or related in any way to your account with www.petsguide.com.au and/or your use of any services provided by www.petsguide.com.au.


www.petsguide.com.au is not responsible for the Content which members post to this site or transmit to other members. You acknowledge and agree that we cannot control the use by others of this site, Content posted on this site or the private communications of members using the www.petsguide.com.au Services nor can we verify the accuracy of Content which has been posted on this Site or transmitted to you as a result of use of the www.petsguide.com.au Services by others.

While www.petsguide.com.au reserves the right to monitor Content posted on the site, it has no obligation to do so nor does it have any obligation to ensure that members comply with these Service Terms or to review any communication between members utilizing the www.petsguide.com.au Services.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, www.petsguide.com.au will not be responsible or liable for:

  • any loss or other damage including but not limited to incidental, indirect, consequential, special or other damage suffered or incurred by a person using this site or the www.petsguide.com.au Services; or
  • the acts or omissions of members or other users of this site including in the case of other members, the breach of these Service Terms; or
  • any error or interruption in the provision of, or the failure of the www.petsguide.com.au Services,

and you waive all claims and rights which you may otherwise have had arising out of such matters.

Privacy Terms:

Please see our Privacy Policy for the manner in which we gather use and update personal information concerning our members:


If you become a www.petsguide.com.au member your membership will continue until the earlier of:

  • you notifying us that you wish to cease membership of www.petsguide.com.au; and
  • the date we notify to you (determined in our absolute discretion and with or without cause) as the date on which your membership of www.petsguide.com.au will cease pursuant to these Service Terms.

If you breach any of these Service Terms then we may at any time and without prior notice:

  • suspend or terminate your membership, in such case you will not be entitled to a refund of any unused membership fees; and/or
  • remove from this site or hide from public view any Content posted by you which fails to comply with these Service Terms.

www.petsguide.com.au will not be liable to you for the termination or suspension of your membership or if it removes from this site or hides from public view any Content which you post on this site and you waive all claims and rights which you may otherwise have had arising out of such action.




www.petsguide.com.au may vary these Service Terms by posting on this site notice of the variation in these Service Terms and such variation will take effect on the date 7 days (or such other period specified by www.petsguide.com.au in the notice) after such notice is posted on this site. Members are responsible for reading and keeping themselves up to date in relation to any changes to these Service Terms posted on this site.

www.petsguide.com.au may also:

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  • restrict a member's access to or use of the www.petsguide.com.au Services or any aspect or feature of the www.petsguide.com.au Services, at any time and without any liability to you.

Communication with you:


We may at times need to communicate with you regarding the www.petsguide.com.au Services or your use of them. In such case we will communicate with you through the email address you have provided to us. You will advise us of any changes in that email address.


Communication with us:


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